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 BYM hack (Feb 2011)

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PostSubject: BYM hack (Feb 2011)   Thu Dec 22, 2011 2:59 pm

Posted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:55 pm Post subject:
UPDATE!! STILL WORKING as of February 4, 2011

1. Enter Backyard Monsters.
2. Open Cheat Engine
3. In the process list, select plugin-container.exe (Firefox Users) or the 3rd Chrome.exe (Google Chrome Users - 3rd chrome.exe or try other chrome.exe)
4. Change value type to "Array of Bytes"
5. Tick "Also scan read-only mem"
6. First Scan "0F 8F 19 01 00 00 8B 7D A8 8B 5D 08 8B B7 24 01"
7. 1 address returned
8. Right click and select "Disassemble this mem.."
9. You will see figures starting with "jg XXXXX", now from that "jg XXXXX" click the arrow down then find the 3rd figure that starts with "je". (or tick arrow down 72 times to get in 3rd je XXXXX
10. Change that 3rd "je XXXXX" to "jg XXXXX". then close that window.
11. Right click and select "Disassemble this mem.." again
12. Change the jg XXXXX to je XXXXX (XXXX is random digits)
13. Notice your resources now, try to bank some twigs. your twig snapper will be full again in seconds.
14. Be sure to do your work without refreshing or else you'll get a warning message.
15. After doing the cheat, you get 1 warning. just play fair for 2-3 days or until the warning is gone then you can do this cheat again.

Happy Cheating.. ^_^
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BYM hack (Feb 2011)
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